Vermicomposting is chiefly composting with worms. In nature, all organic matter eventually decomposes. In Vermicomposting, worms are fed with decomposed matter and the organic material will pass through the earthworm gut resulting in worm castings. Vermicompost, enriches soil in most natural organic manner, and also increases the quality, fertility and mineral content of the soil. Unlike chemical fertilizers that destroy beneficial microorganisms, the organic fertilizer is completely harmless & provide rich organic soil that is best for plants.

Vermicomposting involves harnessing of earthworms for cleaning up the environment. In the process, earthworms and microbes work together and produce finest EBG-Biohumus vermicompost.

EBG-Biohumus contains more than 8 kinds of useful microbial bacterium groups (over 600 million per gram). So it can supply all nutrition elements needed by the variety of plants. Use of Bio-organic fertilizer will reduce the use of harmful chemical fertilizers; give higher yield & improve soil fertility.

This moment we are preparing the results of special research on different plants and soil types, which is held in the Moscow State University. The research is on the final stage and the data will be added on the site the very moment we will receive it.