Vermicompost EBG manufacture - video

Производство биогумуса EBGПроизводство биогумуса EBG

Results of biohumus EBG tests - foto

Results of biohumus EBG testsРезультаты применения биогумуса EBG

We would like to bring to your attention an EBG organic fertilizer.

• How Biohumus is made

Our fertilizer is an organic product. We take cattle manure (livestock dropping) and compost it for nearly half a year for all microbiological processes of decomposition could successfully end.

Then our workers put the compost in rows and place worms. Special conditions such as air humidity, temperature, aeration are controlled for all the producing cycle. After the fertilizer is ready, and the whole mass of biohumus was passed through organism of Red Californian Worm, our workers manually sieve the fertilizer to remove the worms, accidental pieces or rocks and parts of uncomposted organics.

As a result our fertilizer contain unique complex of soil microorganisms, which not only feed the plants and increase the crop, but restore the soil and turn unprodctive mud into fertile agricultural land and have a long-lasting effect.

• Why to use EBG

Our fertilizer doesn’t contain any addictives to increase the amount of the NPK such as bone meal, dried blood or others, so the numbers for them are lower then in some other samples, but the efficiency of biohumus is higher.

This fertilizer is ideal for organic farming, because it doesn’t contain any chemicals, pesticides or any unnatural component. It is absolutely eco-friendly, and the production which is raised on biohumus has better taste, plants are healthier and crops are ready earlier.

For it is natural made, the granules have the size of coprolites (result of worm activity) and the fraction size vary from 1 to 3 mm. The colour is black because high content of humine and fulvic acids and other organic matter

EBG Biohumus chemical composition*:
Total nitrogen (N) content, (mass % on dry basis):
1.2 – 1.8
Available phosphate Р2О5 content, (mass % on dry basis):
1.2 – 2.1
Potassium (К2О) content, (mass % on dry basis):
2 – 3
Water content, (mass % on dry basis):
50 – 55
Organic matter content, (mass % on dry basis):
26 – 36
pH of salt solution, pH:
6.5 – 7.9

     *pH and NPK values may be slightly adjusted to a certain extent.

• Where EBG is made

Flora-L is one of the largest manufactures of premium class organic fertilizers in Europe and Russian Federation. Our factory and production facilities are located in Central Chernozem Region - an environmentally safe area, far from heavy industry and pollution-free. Cattle manure provides the base for all EBG organic fertilizers. The manure is collected from specialized farms where the cows are fed with locally grown grass and are raised in best conditions. All the phases of following production, which include long-lasting composting and the vermicomposting cycle, are made under the supervision of our specialists. Today we produce up to 300 tons monthly and the output can be increased in short period.