Application of EBG Biohumus.

Method of Application
Soil recovery, soil preparation for lawn grass planting
Evenly spread EBG Biohumus (at least 3,5 kg per square meter) on the plot and dig it over superficially. You'll get first results in two weeks, effect lasts up to 3 years
Lawn grass care
Mulch the soil with 0.5-1 kg of the product per square meter, gently scarify and water the lawn
Deciduous trees
Cover the plant hole bottom and tree butt with a 10-15 cm layer of EBG Biohumus, then cover it with a fertile soil and water. Vegetation period: mulch the soil around the trunks with 1.5-3 kg of the product per square meter once a month, mix it with soil and water
Coniferous trees
Planting: same as deciduous trees. Additional fertilising with 1-3 kg of the product per square meter in spring and first half of summer
Open-ground flowers and ornamental plants
Planting: place 150-200 g of EBG Biohumus under each plant, mix it with soil
Vegetable and berries
Planting: place 150-500 g of EBG Biohumus under each plant (depending on plant size), mix it with soil and water
Indoor plants and winter gardens
Planting: mix EBG Biohumus with soil in the ratio of 1:5. Or use ready-made EBG soil mix. During blossoming period use liquid fertilizer
Liquid fertilising, crop protection Mix 1 kg of EBG Biohumus with 10 litres of warm water (t 27-32°C) for 24 hours, stir it during infusion in order to oxygenate the fluid for the beneficial microorganisms and bacteria could propagate in it. Use the fluid to water the plants twice per growth, flowering and fruiting seasons and lay the sediment around stems or between rows

Overdosing will cause no damage to plants.

Rapid recovery of natural soil fertility!

Anyone can afford to live on a healthy soil, enjoy healthful fruits rich of vitamins and sweet odours of plants being certain of their ecological cleanness and safety.

Organic fertilisers are an effective solution to one's concerns of ecology and health of soil and plants.